GuidElines concerning Church & COVID19

  •     If you are sick, stay home! 
  •         If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, please do.
  • Please refrain from shaking hands or physical contact.
  •         Altar will remain open for those who have special prayer needs.  
  •         Upon dismissal, the congregation will be reminded to exit promptly.  
  •         The church will be sanitized prior to each service.
  •         Be sensitive to people’s personal space. (Babies are hands off)  

Please understand; our intent is to guide the sheep but not to police them.

There are vulnerable age groups of people… and there are  vulnerable people in every age group depending upon their health. Everyone must make a stand alone decision for themselves and their families.

FINALLY, God is in control. We do our best and trust God to keep us. BALANCE IS BEST!

In His Service,

Brother Webb

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