Important ANNOUNCEMENT concerning COVID19

As watcher and seer for the church body, these decisions are made through a spiritual filter and through prayerful consideration.  These decisions weigh heavy. They were arrived at by more than common sense or general knowledge. Honestly, it grieves me to be making these decisions, I have prayed over, poured over, and thought through every scenario possible going forward with our church schedule in light of the current situation. We must be wise but not weak. We must forge forward w/o foolish footfalls. I am fully convinced that none of us want to “fully shut” the church down again as we have had to these last few services. We would rather take precautions and be able to have services regularly, even if it's not the full docket! 

 I refuse to make decisions based upon intimidation!  We are not making decisions based upon “What if’s” but “What is”!  I will make decisions based upon love … based upon common sense, based upon doing our best and letting the Lord do the rest. If we fall in lock step with the world, we will cease to be the church!  What makes this so difficult is we are making a spiritual decision about a physical dilemma.

I hereby propose to adhere to the schedule stated below until Homecoming August 15th.   

New Service Schedule as follows:

 - Sunday 11am – Service only (no children’s ministries)

 - Sunday Night 6 pm – Have a Sunday School Style bible class on “Mixlr only”- this will be        taught by different ministers.

- Wednesday 7:30 pm – regular service (Also, Youth Group will assemble and take the necessary precautions. Youth will report to Fellowship Hall upon arrival on grounds for a separate service)


Additional Guidelines as follows: - these are in affect till August 15th Homecoming.

  •         No Sunday School or Kids Church

As my wife says, "Kids are sweet little germ factories".  I have spoken to Brother Jordan and Brother Dustin, of which both are very supportive and believe it to be the best decision. 

  •         If you are sick, stay home. 
  •         If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, please do.
  •         Levites will not be manning the foyer, however, one (1) should stand on the porch each service and open the door as people come in.  We cannot prop the door open or this will affect the temperature of the church.
  •         No shaking hands or physical contact.
  •         Altar will remain open for those who have special prayer needs.  All others will pray with our families in our seats as the altar.
  •         Upon dismissal, the congregation will be reminded to exit promptly.  No congregating in the foyer or aisles. 
  •         The church will be sanitized prior to each service.
  •         Be sensitive to people’s personal space. (Babies are hands off)  

Please understand; our intent is to guide the sheep but not to police them.

There are vulnerable age groups of people… and there are  vulnerable people in every age group depending upon their health. Everyone must make a stand alone decision for themselves and their families.

FINALLY, everything will be alright. God is in control. We do our best and trust God to keep us. What we can't afford to do is go to seed with this and keep the natural man alive and let the spiritual man die. BALANCE IS BEST!

Again this is the new service schedule until Homecoming and then reevaluate with the hope of going back to normal.

In His Service,

Brother Webb

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