Pentecostal  Keswick Holiness Convention

Save the Date - September 22 - 24  2023

The Pentecostal Keswick Holiness Convention is hosted by Hodgenville Pentecostal Church.  The convention will always be held the last Friday, Saturday and Sunday of September. 

The focus is to promote Bible teaching at an annual convention with the aim of encouraging Holy and Biblical life styles.

Why  Keswick?

Keswick is a town in the Lake District of Northwest England. In June 1875 a spur-of-the-moment Holiness convention was held in a tent in the town of Keswick. The convention was started by a group of men who wanted to promote practical holiness, and longed for a close relationship with God. Keswick grew, attracting thousands who longed for a deeper walk with God and branches formed in many other nations. Keswick continues to promote Christian discipleship to this day.