Pentecostal  Keswick Holiness Convention

Save the Date - September 30st - October 2nd 2022

The Pentecostal Keswick Holiness Convention is hosted by Hodgenville Pentecostal Church.  The convention will be held September 30th - October 2nd

The focus is to promote Bible teaching at an annual convention with the aim of encouraging Holy and Biblical life styles.

Why  Keswick?

Keswick is a town in the Lake District of Northwest England. In June 1875 a spur-of-the-moment Holiness convention was held in a tent in the town of Keswick. The convention was started by a group of men who wanted to promote practical holiness, and longed for a close relationship with God. Keswick grew, attracting thousands who longed for a deeper walk with God and branches formed in many other nations. Keswick continues to promote Christian discipleship to this day.